Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Indy Wineries Get Direct-Shipment Compliance Program...Free!

The internet is alive with the sound sales! With much momentum gaining on the side of the consumer, most small, independent wineries still have problems getting over the hurdle of all the complicated wine-shipping laws within each state. Each state requires a different set of compliance reports for proof of age, volume limits, sales and excise tax, among others. Well, thanks to Inertia Beverage Group, all wineries will soon be able to more easily get over the hurdle of interstate wine shipping laws with the use of a free software program that automates compliance with each state's unique wine-shipping laws. The winery merely uploads their sales data and the program will generate all the compliance reports necessary, for each state.

Why is such a great service free? There's a catch, but not a huge one: Inertia also markets a "REThink Engine", a complete direct sales software program that handles POS, CRM, inventory, website management, and email-marketing. They want everyone to know about it so the compliance tool becomes sort of the loss leader in the hopes of more REThink Engine sales. If I were a winery I wouldn't complain. But we'll have to wait and see. The Compliance tool won't be released until later this quarter, probably near the end of August, just before the holiday rush.

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Paul said...

Thanks Ben - it IS our hope that we will get more wineries both focusing on direct sales and (cross our fingers) they will choose our platform as the one they use to help them sell more wine. In the end, wineries are still focused on the three tier system due to the draconian and ever complicated restrictions. Remove that barrier and direct sales will open up for wineries, consumers, and businesses like ours.

Thanks again.

Inertia - Powering the Wine Revolution

---Paul Mabray - CEO