Friday, September 7, 2007

Verdicchio dei Castelli Di Jesi, Marotto Campi

Verdicchio is a great central Italian wine (from the Marche region) that is gaining popularity abroad. It typically has a slightly lemon-green color, lively acidity, with lemon and almond flavors. This Verdicchio, the 2006 Marotto Campi is from the Castelli Di Jesi DOC. There are two Verdicchio DOC and this one is the largest and therefore most common. Some consider the Matelica DOC to be better because of it's lower yields and steeper hillsides (this makes it more full-bodied). But I have absolutely no complaints about this one. It had quite a full body which really helped smooth out the bright acid. A very nutty character as well...made me wonder if or how much time it spent on it's lees (the old world method was to ferment the grapes on their skins, and in their own yeast). The wine also had a lot of tiny bubbles which dissipated after an hour or so. On the palette you'll taste some lemon bread, almonds, and wheat grass. The bubbles didn't go unnoticed in the mouth as they popped ever so slightly on the tongue. I really like this type of wine. It's full bodied, with lots of fruit and mineral notes, but has the balancing acidity to feel "alive". This wine was on sale at Wild Oats for $10!

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