Monday, August 6, 2007

New Wine Label Laws

Wine labels may be changing in the near future. The Bush Administration is proposing one of those standard nutrition facts labels on every bottle of wine. That would certainly take a lot of the romanticism out of the bottle. But it would also provide useful information for diabetics, or other extremely health conscious persons. There's an interesting discourse on this topic at the Fermentation blog. A couple people pointed out that the nutrition facts for a bottle of wine are somewhat similar to an apple. They're all pretty much the same. Someone else suggested those peel-back labels found on mouthwash bottles. So maybe there's an equitable solution here.


Samantha said...

Hmm. I wonder about the effect this unfunded mandate would have on smaller wineries - would they get priced out?

I like the peel-back label idea, though, as a means of maintaining the romance - I certainly don't want to be thinking about "nutrition" while I'm relaxing with a glass of wine, even if the news is good. I do realize that I am fortunate to not have to worry about such things - your point about diabetics is a good one.

Anonymous said...

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