Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rosé + Summer = A Renewed Trend

If you haven't noticed, Rosé is seeing a pretty big resurgence right now. Visit any Whole Foods or other hip and healthy grocer, and you'll likely see shitloads of pink bottles at the end of every aisle. Why? Fads change. Rosé hasn't been popular since perhaps the days of Ruinite . So it's due it's time in the spotlight. The stuff, when made right, is actually really good.

La Vieelle Ferme, Cotes Du Ventoux, Rosé , 2006 -
I chose this particular rosé because it was french and had chickens on the label, and it was only $8. A cheap experiment. It's from the Cotes Du Ventoux [koht deu vawn-TOO] region of the Rhone Valley, which is just east of the more famous Chateauneuf de Pape. The producer is the Perrin family, which is also responsible for the Chateau de Beaucastel (one of the famous Chateauneuf producers). This wine is a blend of 50% cinsault, 40% grenache, 10% syrah.

Tasting Note: Watery watermelon color, aka dark pink. On the nose, waves of cranberries and crushed Bing cherries. The flavors on the mouth maintain the aromas that were on the nose, but add a slight Provencal spice to the finish. Very dry and crisp. It's a serviceable wine....there's certainly better out there. But this one will certainly do for a paltry $8. It definitely went well with my tater tots and buffalo wings!

I picked up mine at Whole Foods Market in the Pearl.

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